The condition of your windows plays a huge role in the comfort and efficiency of your home by reducing ambient sound, filtering UV light, and preventing drafts year-round. We work with all types of windows—casement, double-pane, energy efficient, sliding, as well as vinyl. 

Replacement Windows

If you need new windows, we can help you choose the ones that will add the most value to your home. However, window maintenance or repair, especially in older homes, is just as important in retaining your home’s value. Over time, cracked panes, damaged sashes, and sunken windows can detract from your home’s appearance and efficiency. We repair all of these as well as offer caulking and sealing, casement repairs, screen changeovers, and much more. The proper maintenance and repair of these older windows can save you from replacing them and help restore your home’s vintage charm. 

·  Casement windows

·  Double pane windows

·  Energy efficient windows

·  Sliding windows

·  Vinyl windows

Improve Your Home's Windows

Ready to start reaping the benefits of beautiful windows that are energy efficient and easy-to-use? Let Andy’s Siding Company introduce you to the many window solutions we have or deliver much-needed maintenance to your existing windows. Give us a call today at 785-242-6939 learn more about our capabilities.