Window Maintenance in Ottawa, KS

window repairOne of the best improvements you can make on your home is having your windows repaired, replaced or upgraded. Windows improve your HVAC efficiency, maintain consistent comfort in your living space, look great and reduce ambient sound.

Andy’s Siding Company wants to help you introduce these benefits and more to your home with a brand-new window installation or repairs and maintenance for your current windows. When it comes to windows, we do it all!

  • Window Installation:

    If you’re thinking about new windows, make sure you’re calling a window contractor in Ottawa, KS who will install them properly and help you choose windows that’ll bring your home the most value. We can evaluate your needs and help you decide on new windows. Then, we’ll get them installed perfectly so you can start enjoying the benefits.

  • Window Repair:

    Cracked panes, damaged sashes and sunken windows are all problems we’re equipped to deal with. Regardless of what’s wrong with your windows, have confidence when you call us for window repair in Ottawa, KS. We’ll get the issue fixed, saving you the cost of having to buy a brand-new window.

  • Window Maintenance:

    A little maintenance goes a long way. We’re the team to call for window maintenance in Ottawa, KS, and we take pride in helping homeowners care for their windows, including caulking and sealing, casement repairs, screen changeovers and much more.


Types of Windows

When it comes to windows, we’re a jack of all trades! Our experience spans all different types of windows, giving us the ability to install, repair or maintain whatever windows your home has or needs. Some of the most common types we work with include:

  • Casement windows
  • Double pane windows
  • Energy efficient windows
  • Sliding windows
  • Vinyl windows

Improve Your Home’s Windows

Ready to start reaping the benefits of beautiful windows that are energy efficient and easy-to-use? Let Andy’s Siding Company introduce you to the many window solutions we have or deliver much-needed maintenance to your existing windows. Give us a call today at 785-242-6939 to learn more about our capabilities.

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